At SENDA we share our name - and our values - with the Special Education Needs and Disability Act 2001.
The Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against students with a disability and requires that reasonable adjustments be made to help them access a suitable and appropriate education.

We aim to promote the rights of children and their families by supporting them through advocacy; advising them of their rights; signposting to appropriate services; and informing them of their next steps. We do this by working as a team of professionals and parents, learning from one another.

We are a confidential, and consent-based service. You do not have to work with us if you do not want to, and we will not share information with any services or organisations without your consent unless we are really concerned for your, or your child's welfare.

Your child does not need a diagnosis for you to access our services, you just need to be concerned about their current needs or development.